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You love wine, but you’re not an expert? You don’t have the time to pick the right bottles? Simplify your life and consider our personalised collections, as a gift, for a special occasion, or forever more.

  • Bespoke collection

    Personalised Collection

    Made-to-measure luxury

    Get the cellar of your dreams, and discover the joy of having your own personalised collection. We take your taste, budget and specific requirements into consideration to create a totally unique collection of wine, starting at a minimum of 102 bottles.

    Either for pure pleasure or as an investment, with French, European or New World wines, you decide your own approach.

    Pure pleasure: Enjoy the luxury of always having an expert wine for every occasion.Séparateur FeuilleLegacy collection: Build a cellar of importance, and diversify your investments.

    Buying wine, setting up your cellar and storing it correctly, we take care of all your wine needs.

    Our à la carte service simplifies the management of your collection. We can put an end to unfortunate surprises, and you’ll always know which wine to serve at every occasion !

    The first consultation is always free, with no obligation to buy.


    Give an unforgettable gift to your loved ones on their birthday, wedding or anniversary, with a complete collection of high-quality and unique wines, perfect for tasting now or cellaring for later.
    Give them the joy of having the right wine for every occasion.

  • Occasion collections

    Occasion collections

    For special events and celebrations

    Make organising your events easier! Weddings, anniversaries, product launches, or any other major milestone in your private or professional life shouldn’t be left up to chance, starting with the choice of wine or champagne.

    Your guests, whether amateurs or experts, will always remember the high quality of what you serve.

    Consider our offer of wine and champagne as the key to your event’s success.

    We advise you on selection, and handle the buying and delivery for you.

    According to your preferences, menu and budget, we can help you find wines that will enliven the senses of your guests.