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Who we are?

About the founder

Her own Proust’s madeleine: the peaches her grandfather
would dip in a glass of red wine during summertime.

After 10 years in marketing and communications in the finance and manufacturing industries, Laure Azéma decided to dedicate herself to her passion: wine.

Working in the USA in 1999 for the Comité Colbert, an association of French luxury houses, she first discovered the French grands crus… and she has been under their spell ever since. Her passion and curiosity never stopped growing, until finally wine became her chosen profession.

In 2011, she toured the world’s most important wine destinations, visiting seven countries in the northern and southern hemispheres, meeting 200 winemakers, and tasting nearly 1,500 wines.

Laure holds the prestigious WSET Diploma (Wine & Spirit Education Trust, London).


A lack of time, the fear of making the wrong choice… we can help anyone who dreams of their own collection but hasn’t yet set up one of their own.

Wine is not just one of the greatest French arts de vivre; it is a social bond, a medium for sharing experiences and enjoyment.

Amateurs who place a premium on quality can feel lost when seeking to expand their global wine reach, with all the diversity there is on offer.
The complex systems of varietals, appellations, regions and classifications don’t always speak to the quality of a wine.

Our role is to guide wine lovers in the selection process, helping them to grow their palates and discover their preferences.

Above all, we want to make wine synonymous with pleasure.



We are always looking for unique wines with character, wines that tell a story, and fill you with emotion. We are focused on building long term relationships with innovative and influential winemakers. This quest has no borders, and our only criteria are quality and enjoyment.

French Wines

There are an intimidating number of excellent French producers. We focus on selecting high quality wines that fully represent each region, appellation and price category.

Foreign Wines

We bring the best of wines from Europe, the Americas, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, with unique local grape varieties & terroir, produced by talented winemakers, for exclusive new experiences.